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How to motivate yourself to workout

Each person needs a different approach. And what works for one does not always (or even never) serves as a motivation for the other. In general, there are some common features, so to speak, characteristic of many.


The so-called initial motivation. What is it? This is why you once decided to still train. As practice shows, this is most often a desire to please the opposite sex. Yes yes exactly. For his sake (or them) we are ready to spend money on a subscription and time on training. And that is typical, girls and women go to group classes who seriously decide to take up their figure (get in shape or just keep it up), the same "sportswomen" whose goal is not physical form (with her, most often everything is fine with her ), and the form of communication with the rolls under the guise of short dialogues between approaches, they go to train in the gym, where, in fact, these same rolls live. Recognized yourself? Which group do you belong to? In general, those who come to the gym for dating get lost very quickly, because the men they see there most often go there just for the sake of training, and do not pay much attention to such ladies. Or vice versa, the girls are drawn into the training process in all seriousness, well, and then such girls are more likely to pay serious attention to her, because now they have the same interests and speak the same language.


In general, the initial motivation is more or less clear. It passes quickly, unless the person is drawn into the training process itself. Now for him completely different moments are incentives. Weв ll talk about them a little later.


Another type of motivation is temporary motivation. This is when you start training for an event. The most striking example is the preparation for the summer. This is the basis for the promotions of all fitness clubs, including questionable diets. The upcoming party, which you know about in advance, such as a birthday, graduation, wedding or corporate party, can also serve as a reason for training. Then we start to move. We tried on an evening dress, but it is one size smaller - go ahead to the fitness club! Soon on vacation, and the swimsuit somehow too tightly sits - training will help! There is one big plus in this motivation, or rather, two:


  • There is a clearly defined goal;
  • there is a time limit (by mid-July I should be in shape);
  • there is a big and strong desire (if there is, of course).

The goal and time frame help to coordinate the training process well, and desire gives an additional incentive. And we congratulate you if you manage to keep the goal and desire, when the event has already passed and you are no longer bound by time. But it succeeds to units, or rather, one out of a hundred. Most, after a vacation or wedding, safely stop training and begin to gain those kilograms and centimeters that they fought so hard with. Did you recognize yourself again? That's bad. Because breaks in the training process are a time bomb. Then, when you need to get in shape again - on your next vacation - it will be much harder for you to do this. Moreover, such differences destroy the body, harm health. So, if you already started to train, set foot on this path, then you should not give up. Even if the goal that you set winstrol kaufen for yourself at the beginning is achieved, you can always set yourself another, higher one. It is like a competition with oneself. On the other hand, if you do not want to strive for something more, to become even better (and why not, maybe you have already come to your ideal?), Then it is not necessary. Just try not to lose what you have already achieved, keep your shape. To do this, it is not necessary to go to a fitness club or train for 2 hours, just enough every day to give yourself some physical activity. And necessarily special, i.e. sports. Shopping running around with heavy bags, cleaning and the like don't count.


Best if you have ongoing motivation. In this case, you do not need to invent anything to force yourself to do a couple of squats.


Constant, and working, motivation is to be in shape. This must be felt, experienced, let through. Fitness translated from English means fitness, suitability, compliance. Correspondence of our physical condition to the capabilities and abilities that our body has. The structure of our body is perfect. Our task is to bring the real and the ideal consistent, to move along the path to physical perfection. And in parallel with this, changes will occur in the spiritual plane. Fitness is not just a type of sporting activity, fitness is a lifestyle. Indeed, you must admit that no one motivates us to have breakfast, lunch or dinner, this is the need of the body. In the same way, daily training should become a necessity. Without food, a person can live for some time. At first glance, without physical exercises, he can live at least his whole life. But look at the old people. Old age is not a consequence of years lived, old age is a consequence of years lived without physical activity. Feel the difference? Without food, a person dies quickly, without physical activity - slowly. Of course, we will all die sooner or later, but how and in what state is up to us.